What is Sahaja Yoga?


Meditation in Calgary, AB


Sahaja Yoga [Calgary] is a unique method of meditation that results in creating a new and deeper awareness that helps to achieve physical, emotional and mental balance.

Sahaja Yoga directly translates as Spontaneous Meditation. It is a very ancient practice of inner evolution, re-created in our time by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. In a most verifiable way, it meets the major need of modern day society for a solution to the everyday problems of stress, anxiety and psychosomatic imbalance.

“Yoga” also refers to a system of spiritual, physical and mental discipline first mentioned by Patañjali in the Yoga Sutra (2nd century BC). The origins of this discipline are though dated much earlier, in the mid-3rd millennium BCE.

One finds figures and sculptures in classical “yoga” postures in numerous temples throughout India, showing different forms of the physical aspects of this discipline.

The spiritual aspect was though held to be the highest aim of the practice of yoga. To that end, the Kundalini (Sanskrit: “coiled”) energy needed to be awakened, and the practitioner thus received his or her Self-Realization.
In that state one became one with one’s Spirit, or the true Self, so this state is called Second Birth, Enlightenment, Liberation, Moksha, Satori and Nirvana, and many other such names in old cultures all around the world.

In Sahaja Yoga, Self-Realization is a process that starts at the very beginning of its practice rather than being a distant, elusive reward. It is though a gradual process, since our awareness needs time to adapt to seeing the world through the light of our Self.

Through the regular practice of Spontaneous Meditation, one experiences more and more mental silence, balance and inner peace. The process is effortless and has no age or any other types of outer limitations.

You can practice Sahaja Yoga in Calgary and Edmonton, see here the classes.